Dr. Amelia NY Lee, MH

President, OMEP-Hong Kong

The coronavirus outbreak has reshaped the lifestyles of many of us and has changed the learning mode of students around the world.  These changes can be described as “earth-shattering”.   Air travel restrictions and other pandemic prevention measures have severely hindered international activities.  OMEP World has cancelled its annual Assembly and Conference for two consecutive years.

Despite all the hurdles, human beings are good at meeting challenges.  Resilience plays a key role in our ability to overcome adversity.  With the help of technology and our spirit of never giving up, we broke through borders and quarantine restrictions to get together. In August, OMEP-Hong Kong and 65 other OMEP national members from Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and North America & the Caribbean held a large-scale virtual assembly on Zoom.  Under the leadership of Ms. Mercedes Mayol Lassalle, we extended our love and care through the assembly to the development of young children in member countries and regions, in particular those having been most impacted by COVID-19.

OMEP-Hong Kong will continue to pull out all the stops for promoting activities that benefit the well-being of young children.  I look forward to seeing you in OMEP-Hong Kong activities.

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